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DNS Driveby Wardriving Kit

DNS Driveby Wardriving Kit

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This kit is currently for pre-sale and will not ship for 2-3 weeks!

This easy-to-assemble kit will get you wardriving in no time!  I designed this pcb for a GPS tracker project that uses Open WiFi Networks as a cheap way to provide location updates - but it can also perform reconnaissance as well!

The built-in power saving functionality allows this device to conserve battery when its not in motion, and uses a motion sensor to automatically trigger itself back into recon mode. 

This kit supports the D1 Mini form factor, which lets you plug-and-play a variety of WiFi microcontrollers including the ESP8266, ESP32-S2, S3, and C3 - as well as a variety of supported add-ons!


  • Motion-Triggered Wake Up
  • Power-Saving Mode
  • WiFi + Bluetooth Capability
  • GPS Tracking
  • MicroSD Card Support

Supported Projects:

Help support my open-source projects by buying one of these kits, or build one yourself with the source files on my Github!

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