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DevKitty - Cat Themed Hacking & Prototyping

DevKitty - Cat Themed Hacking & Prototyping

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Learn to solder & hack with our cute cat-shaped console, DevKitty!

DevKitty is a project that makes it fun to learn hacking, hardware, and programming, and currently supports a handful of Open-Source projects including:

  • ScriptKitty:  A Cat-Themed USB Attack Platform
  • DevKitty Invader: A Cat-Themed Wi-Fi Hacking Platform
  • DevKitty Wardriver: Drive-by WiFi Recon!
  • WiFi Deauther: A Wi-Fi Hacking Tool by Spacehuhn.
  • CircuitPython: A friendly programming language

At the moment, DevKitty  can be used to learn about WiFi hacking & USB hacking, and this Nugget Dev Kit ships with 2 microcontrollers, which you can use to experiment with the aforementioned projects & upcoming demos! 

This kit includes:

  • Nugget Circuit Board
  • Screen (SH1106)
  • Microcontrollers! (ESP8266 & ESP32S2)
  • 3D Printed Enclosure
  • 4 Buttons & 1 NeoPixel
  • Various Pin Headers
  • Discounted access to our online / in person workshops!

You can find the assembly guide here, for now!

This page & site is still under development, so feel free to reach out to alex (at) with any questions.

(The kit comes with Surface-Mount components pre-soldered, but let us know if you'd like a fully assembled, or completely unassembled version.)

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